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Why a Comcast merger could be good for TWC customers

How can one of the biggest mergers in the cable market ever be a good thing for consumers? CNET's Marguerite Reardon explains.

By 15 March 2014


More than a chipmaker? Intel's blown opportunities

The semiconductor giant has expanded beyond its core business many times only to pull back before those areas got popular. CNET looks at a few.

By 5 December 2013


Buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus now or wait for something better?

This edition of Ask Maggie helps a reader decide whether to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or wait for another Ice Cream Sandwich Android phone. Also: Advice for syncing e-mail on a smartphone.

By 16 December 2011


Browser underdog Opera fights for survival

The scrappy Norwegian browser company faces powerful threats, but a new mobile approach and growth in desktop revenue show an ability to survive. The fat lady hasn't sung yet.

By 8 November 2010


E-waste showdown unearths deeper questions

Consumer electronics and IT associations are challenging a New York City e-waste recycling law. Recycling advocates worry that state programs could be stalled.

By 16 January 2010


New VoxOx features help even old cell phones

VoIP and multi-protocol chat client VoxOx introduces a slew of new features for its Personal Assistant, but the biggest one is remote access support for all phone models.

By 7 January 2010


CNET News Daily Podcast: Prevent your TV from becoming e-waste

CNET News' Erik Palm talks about the dangers of e-waste and how to make sure your analog TV's disposed of properly as the U.S. gets ready to shift to digital television.

By 9 June 2009


Swedish company to buy Pirate Bay

Global Gaming Factory X, which develops software and runs a series of Internet cafes, is buying the file-sharing site for $7.76 million.

By 30 June 2009


DTV transition: Avoiding an e-waste 'tsunami'

Greenpeace and others warn of a surge in electronic waste as the U.S. shifts to digital television. Here's how to recycle or reuse your old analog TV properly.

By 9 June 2009


Swiss robot wants some time with you

Processor capacity is no longer an issue for artificial intelligence. What robots need now is time to learn from humans, which is what the QB1 aims to do as a personal DJ.

By 28 April 2009