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Exposure: Elly-Mae Farkas

Elly-Mae Farkas is an aspiring photographer based in Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory. Her surroundings may be isolated, but the small art scene and environment allows for some original aspects to her photography.

18 Images By 4 February 2008


Apple looks to move SF store a few blocks away

The company's current store at Stockton and Ellis streets in downtown San Francisco will be moved to Union Square, if all goes well.

By 16 May 2013


Correction: Background misstated in MPAA/Kim DotCom post

This story incorrectly stated the legal background for Mike Ellis, an executive with the Motion Picture Association of America's division in Asia.

By 5 July 2012


The best online videos of 2011

A gob-smacking 1 trillion videos were watched on YouTube in 2011, from Rebecca Black to Benton/Fenton. Here's some of our favourites.

By 22 December 2011


Akamai Heartbleed patch not a fix after all

The Web infrastructure company's patch was supposed to have handled the problem. Turns out it protects only three of six critical encryption values.

By 14 April 2014


Recalling Holocaust horrors

Robots are part of the effort to digitize nearly 53,000 videotaped interviews of Holocaust survivors, including those of Ellis Lewin and Itka Zygmuntowicz, seen here.

18 October 2008


Instagram reveals Bolt, a Snapchat-like messaging app

Rolling out in limited countries, the app lets users send photos and videos with a tap and delete them with a swipe.

By 30 July 2014


Vexed in the city: If you're moving to San Francisco, bring cash. Lots of cash

Most cities would die for the problems San Francisco is having. But with so many techies flooding the city, the cost of renting or buying a place to live is soaring.

By 20 August 2014


Richard Branson: I would have started my businesses with Indiegogo (Q&A)

The Virgin Group founder invests in the crowdfunding startup. "I certainly would have tried" Indiegogo, he tells CNET.

By 22 May 2014


The best of Season 5!

From jamming with the Dead at TRI Studios, to handing a smartphone to an elephant, to hitting a pedestrian while driving with Google Glass, Season 5 was a blast.

By 15 October 2013