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Anonymous activist pleads guilty to threatening FBI agent

While several charges were dropped, former Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown pleads guilty to sharing stolen data and targeting a federal agent.

By 30 April 2014


Hacker celeb 'Mudge' joins Google after DARPA

What does one of the most respected computer security experts and hackers do after DARPA? Why, he moves to Motorola Mobility, of course.

By 16 April 2013


Huawei looks to German security researchers for help

The company says Felix Lindner's continued complaints about the security of its products have not been dismissed, and it would like his help.

By 31 October 2012


Obey the law, or else. California cracks down on app developers for privacy

Attorney General Kamala Harris is notifying mobile-app developers and companies that they must get in line with California law and post privacy notices for users or else face steep fines.

By 31 October 2012


Google blocks YouTube political video in Brazil

Fabio Coelho, head of Google's Brazil operations, who was arrested and released this week, says the company had no choice. It had lost its "final legal appeal."

By 28 September 2012


Ho-hum first date with Apple at Black Hat

The sparks didn't fly during the company's first-ever talk at the hacking confab. Apple security specialist Dallas De Atley is stylish and all, but CNET's Elinor Mills got the sense she'd heard his lines somewhere before.

By 26 July 2012


Twitter hires security expert Charlie Miller

The hire, which follows Moxie Marlinspike's move to Twitter last year, is evidence of how seriously Twitter is taking security these days.

By 14 September 2012


Activist for Anonymous arrested during online chat

Barrett Brown is arrested during an online chat, after he appeared in a rambling YouTube video in which he spoke of ruining an FBI agent's life.

By 13 September 2012


Apple says it did not give FBI or 'any organization' device IDs

Apple denies any involvement with a massive list of user identification numbers that leaked out earlier this week.

By 5 September 2012


Cybersecurity too crucial to leave to politicos? It's looking that way

With an election looming, parochial partisan politics trumped national security -- shocker, I know -- leaving cybersecurity policy firmly in midair.

By 7 August 2012