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Take a spooky spin in the new Ecto-1 from 'Ghostbusters'

Go for a ride in the new Ecto-1 Cadillac Fleetwood from the comedy reboot, and find out how director Paul Feig chose the new car.

By 6 July 2016


Hydrogen, humans and the future of cars (CNET UK podcast 464 show notes)

Andrew Hoyle is joined by Roadshow's Drew Stearne to talk about the future of electric and hydrogen cars, autonomous driving, and why your car may be forced to kill you.

By 15 January 2016


BAC Mono reveals it's a real race car for the road in video

Take a look at this video in which Drew Stearne takes a one-man speed machine, the BAC Mono on a test drive through the Welsh hills.

By 8 June 2012


Can we drive 856 miles from England to Austria on one tank of fuel?

CNET Car Tech UK editors Rory Reid and Drew Stearne attempt to drive 856 miles, from England to Austria, on one tank of diesel in a Volvo S60.

By 6 May 2011


CNET UK Podcast 150: Is Windows 7 a total rip-off?

This week Nate's joined by podcast veteran Rory Reid, and special guest Drew Stearne -- producer of our award-winning Car Tech shows -- to talk Windows 7, robot chefs and steam-powered cars

By 28 August 2009