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Dixons and Carphone Warehouse merge, promise no shop closures

Carphone Warehouse and Dixons, owner of Currys and PC World, have officially confirmed their union in a £3.8 billion merger.

By 15 May 2014


Dixons and Carphone Warehouse set for £3.7bn merger

Currys, PC World and Carphone Warehouse could be united in a £3.7 billion merger this month.

By 7 May 2014


Dixons and Carphone Warehouse in merger talks

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse have confirmed they're considering merging the two companies, creating a huge retail empire.

By 24 February 2014


Dixons disappears as dixons.co.uk website closed

Dixons is shutting up shop for the final time, as the plug is pulled on Dixons.co.uk to focus on Currys and PC World.

By 8 October 2012


Comet sale ramps up as Dixons set to 'benefit' from demise

Comet is beefing up its sale discounts, with 50 per cent off some items. Dixons meanwhile says it will benefit from Comet's death.

By 30 November 2012


Comet sale will honour gift cards as Dixons tries to save staff

Despite earlier fears, the ailing retailer's upcoming fire sale will see vouchers and gift cards honoured.

By 7 November 2012


Andreessen Horowitz invests $50M in BuzzFeed

The viral content site plans to expand its international and video reach. Chris Dixon, general partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm, joins as part of the deal.

By 11 August 2014


Toshiba Folio 100 tablet is bitter pill for Dixons as users refuse to swallow fault

Dixons has yanked the Toshiba Folio 100 from shelves after customers report faults -- but not before boosting the price to £1,000.

By 16 November 2010


Advent Vega and Amico cheap Android tablets incoming from Dixons

Dixons is cashing in on the iPad-fired tablet market with the Advent Vega and the Advent Amico affordable Android slates.

By 7 October 2010


The Dixons is dead. Long live the Currys.digital!

So farewell, then, to Dixons on the High Street -- and a big, tacky, gadgety welcome to 'Currys.digital'. Britain's slightly naff electronics retailer is taking the Dixons brand virtual, leaving us intrigued as to what we'll find in its real stores. MP3 fridges, anyone?

5 April 2006