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EE will sell as many tablets, dongles and smart devices as it does phones by 2017

The UK's first 4G network sees Web-connected devices becoming as common as phones, while also announcing a £1.5 billion investment in bringing a signal to rural areas.

By 11 February 2015


EE Buzzard 2 in-car 4G dongle keeps backseat drivers entertained

The UK's leading 4G network has improved its 4G dongle that keeps your car connected.

By 14 November 2014


Car Tech 101: OBD-II apps and dongles

Brian Cooley explains how the OBD-II port under your dash can feed a secret interface to your car for moment to moment diagnostics.

By 2 September 2014


EE debuts cheap Eagle tablet, in-car 4G Buzzard dongle and more

The UK operator has gone to town with a host of new 4G-capable gadgets, including one that puts 4G Wi-Fi in your car.

By 21 May 2014


Following Google and Roku, Amazon plans a TV dongle?

The long-rumored TV-streaming device from Amazon will be a thumb-sized stick like Chromecast, according to a report.

By 17 March 2014


Vevo on Chromecast, one dongle closer to world domination (Q&A)

Vevo is one of Chromecast's newest apps, but for Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff, it's one more step in reinventing the music video and taking over the globe, he tells CNET in an exclusive interview.

By 10 December 2013


Carphone Warehouse recruits coverage analysts to find the best network for you

The high street mobile phone chain has partnered with network performance analysts RootMetrics to see if the networks live up to their promises in your neck of the woods.

By 20 February 2015


White space broadband approved by the UK to squeeze Internet connection in between TV channels

The new technology will connect the Internet of Things via currently unused radio frequencies.

By 12 February 2015


BT confirms details of £12.5 billion EE buy

EE's current European owners will take a slice of BT in the deal, which is set to save the new company £3 billion once merged.

By 5 February 2015


Starbucks smartphone wireless charging arrives in London

The coffee chain's wireless charging pads -- which sit on tables and let you charge your phone cable-free -- are going international, coming to 10 cafes in London this month.

By 20 January 2015