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Steve Jobs resigns from Apple (roundup)

Marking the end of an era, Jobs steps down as CEO of the iconic company he co-founded. COO Tim Cook, Jobs' fill-in during three medical leaves, will take over the reins.

By 26 August 2011


Envisioning Sun on IBM's horizon

roundup What an IBM acquisition of Sun Microsystems would mean for the companies, cloud computing, and the technology landscape.

By 6 April 2009


TomTom settlement leaves key questions unanswered

Open-source movement pioneer Bruce Perens says deal could have a chilling effect, while legal experts caution that the pact does little to end the uncertainty over Microsoft's Linux patent claims.

By 30 March 2009


GDC 09: Gaming's really big show

roundup The San Francisco conference may well be the world's largest gathering of game developers, the place to keep an ear to the ground and to get business done.

By 30 March 2009


Michael Phelps blows off IBM

Even in light of recent events, the Olympian remained a scheduled keynote speaker at IBM Pulse 2009. But he ended up canceling his appearance at the last minute.

By 10 February 2009


Dell to take $280 million fourth-quarter charge

The charge stems from layoffs, plant closings, and a new, accelerated stock vesting schedule.

By 28 January 2009


Tracking the tech downturn

We follow the economic downturn and its impact on the tech industry, from the industry giants to the scrappy start-ups.

21 January 2009


Health now Apple's job No. 1

Apple regroups as CEO Steve Jobs takes a six-month medical leave of absence. Here's our roundup of the latest stories about the announcement and its aftermath.

16 January 2009


EU regulating Microsoft like it's 1999

The notion of bundling a browser into an operating system isn't new. But that hasn't stopped European regulators from delivering fresh objections.

By 16 January 2009


Will Yahoo CEO move pave way for Microhoo?

Reported plan to name Carol Bartz as CEO removes a key hurdle to any sort of search deal with Microsoft.

By 13 January 2009