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Gigapixel images from the Olympics

Photographers have been busy capturing detailed gigapixel images from the London Olympics, including photos from the gymnastics and beach volleyball events.

By 6 August 2012


Is 'Avatar' giving you the blues?

Reports are suggesting that those who go to see the movie "Avatar" are subject to deep-seated feelings of misery afterward. Is the idea of utopia making us unhappy with our real lives?

By 14 January 2010


OpenID Foundation scores top-shelf board members

Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo, Google, and VeriSign representatives join corporate board, meaning that we may be seeing universal Internet logins a lot sooner than expected.

By 7 February 2008


Berkeley cloud report gets mixed reviews

UC Berkeley's RAD Lab provides conclusions about the business and technology of cloud computing. While some see the paper as a welcome guide, others aren't so sure.

By 16 February 2009