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Damien Hirst's modified Audi A1 -- and other car art disasters

The Audi A1 isn't even available to buy yet, but it appears some ignorant scally has vandalised one. What's that? It's a piece of art created by Damien Hirst? Ah -- that explains everything

10 Images By 28 July 2010


Damien Jurado, 'Gillian Was A Horse': Free MP3 of the Day

From its aching alt-country melodies to its American-summer lyrics, "Caught in the Trees" can recall Jeff Tweedy. Download a free MP3 of "Gillian Was A Horse" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By 3 July 2008


Artists give Stormtrooper helmets colorful makeovers

"Star Wars" Stormtroopers ditch the pure-white look for exotic decor from artists like Damien Hirst and Mr. Brainwash.

By 16 October 2013


Diamond skull art fetches over $100 million

Investment group buys artist Damien Hirst's encrusted creation "For the Love of God."

By 31 August 2007


Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners report battery problem

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus report that it's the latest smart phone with a battery problem.

By 9 January 2012


Hackers nab data on 1.3M Orange telco customers

Europe's fourth-largest telco says no payment info was stolen but warns customers they could be targeted for scams.

By 8 May 2014


Glowing art grown from bacteria

Bacteria artist Zachery Copfer is creating glowing bacterial art that you can hang in your home.

By 11 February 2014


Facebook has Oculus, Google has Cardboard

Google carves out a small slice of its annual I/O developers conference to give a shoutout to virtual reality, with a not-so-hi-tech invention.

By 25 June 2014


Pentagon: No, we're not dropping BlackBerry support

Defense Department says that reports it plans to drop the BlackBerry are inaccurate.

By 21 March 2013


Samsung apologizes for tech bloggers' 'undue hardship'

Electronics giant says a misunderstanding led to a blogger being threatened with abandonment at IFA if he didn't do promotional work for the company.

By 3 September 2012