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Tivoli Model DAB

By focusing on a radio's core features, Tivoli has, in the Model DAB, produced a device that sounds great and is a joy to use. It's effortlessly stylish, and the buttons, switches and dials are a tactile delight. It isn't cheap, but this is a quality radio that could well outlast your local station's licence

By 24 September 2009

4.5 stars Editors' rating 24 September 2009

Typical price: £220.00


Pioneer AVIC F60DAB navigation and multimedia receiver

Pioneer's flagship AVIC F60DAB boasts dozens of media and navigation options -- including the first aftermarket appearance of Apple CarPlay -- but most users will find a better feature-to-cost balance elsewhere in the brand's lineup.

By 21 October 2014

5 stars Editors' rating 21 October 2014

Pricing not available


12 Super Bowl facts that'll make you sound less clueless on Sunday

Read these tips before heading to a Super Bowl party.

By 2 February 2016


Cowon iAudio D2 DMB (DAB)

This upgraded version of the iAudio D2 is a fantastic player with the most sophisticated feature set we've ever seen in an MP3 player, and amazing sound quality to boot. Beginners to portable tech may struggle with the complex menu system though

By 30 August 2007

4 stars Editors' rating 30 August 2007

Typical price: £169.00


Dualit DAB Kitchen Radio

What a fantastic accomplishment! In these days of conspicuous consumption, the Dualit DAB Kitchen Radio is the Humvee of digital radios. It may not brim with features, but you could drop it off a cliff and it would still be home in time for tea

By 7 September 2006

4 stars Editors' rating 7 September 2006

Typical price: £200.00


How to make your iPhone 5 more like an iPhone 5S

With a few strategic apps, a little imagination, and perhaps even a dab of paint, you can transform your iPhone 5 into a gold star.

By 12 September 2013


Six smartphone trends that failed miserably

What determines which smartphones soar and which sink? Have a look at six trends that put devices smack dab in the latter camp.

By 13 June 2013


XFM DAB radio

XFM's foray into DAB radios doesn't offer professional audio quality, but it's a passable stereo clock radio for people who want to wake up to a DAB broadcast

By 30 September 2005

3 stars Editors' rating 30 September 2005

Typical price: £100.00


Nokia N8 gets DAB digital radio headset

Nokia's new digital radio headset brings DAB radio to smart phones including the N8, C7, C6-01 and the soon-to-launch E7. It's free when you buy an N8.

By 21 January 2011


Nokia N8 gets DABsolutely fabulous with DAB headset

Nokia has announced a DAB radio headset for the N8 phone and its Symbian 3 stablemates, giving you the choice of a wealth of music and chat on the go.

By 19 October 2010