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Google Chrome OS

Chrome OS struggles with the delineation between apps and Web sites, even though they are fast growing together. Great for students and casual home use, the day is coming when it'll be competitive, but it's not yet a replacement for a more mature OS.

By 19 October 2012

3 stars Editors' rating 19 October 2012

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Google Chromebook Pixel

The updated Chromebook Pixel sets the bar for high-end for Chrome OS hardware, but its browser-based operating system imposes far too many limitations to justify its lofty price point.

By 17 March 2015

3 stars Editors' rating 17 March 2015

Google Chromebook Pixel

Despite impressive hardware specs and solid industrial design, the Chromebook Pixel’s high price and cloud OS limitations make it impossible to recommend for the vast majority of users.

By 23 February 2013

2.5 stars Editors' rating 23 February 2013
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Google Chromebook OS

Google's cloud-based Chrome OS operating system, for use on upcoming Chromebook laptops, has potential. But don't underestimate how limiting a cloud-only OS can be.

By 26 May 2011

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Chrome (beta)

By 2 September 2008

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How to sync tabs between Chrome desktop, Chrome Beta for Android

Chrome Beta for Android allows you to view your open tabs in Chrome desktop. Set-up is a breeze. Take a look at how it's done.

By 8 February 2012


Day 2 of Google I/O: Chrome, Chrome, Chrome

Google's focus on the second day of its annual developer conference was all about its Chrome browser, Web app store, and operating system for computers.

By 11 May 2011


Google Chrome sneaks past Internet Explorer to become top browser

Chrome is now officially No. 1, according to Web tracker Net Market Share, as Microsoft's IE continues to lose traction.

By 2 May 2016


Google Chrome in '3D'? A VR Cardboard app may make it so

This means interactive web browsing like you've never seen before.

By 30 June 2016


How to stop Google Chrome from running in the background

Google's browser is handy, but it's also a drain on your battery life.

By 16 February 2016