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How Apple made programmers cool -- and rich

Chris Stevens left CNET UK to make cool apps. Now he's written a book, Appillionaires, about the app scene -- here's an exclusive extract.

By 16 November 2011


CNET UK Podcast 200: Celebrating our double century

A host of ex-Cravers are back in town to celebrate our 200th episode, and there's gonna be trouble. Rupert and Chris are in the trial, Nate's back for the Apple-slap of the century, and lots more. Party!

By 27 August 2010


CNET UK is 5 years old!

It's our birthday, and we'll cry if we want to. Yes, CNET UK is 5 years old today -- and we're looking back at the best bits of the last five years

By 18 May 2010


Video: Make the world's most expensive Christmas card -- with an iPhone

What do you give to the person who has everything? How about the world's most expensive Christmas card, complete with built-in iPhone?

By 8 December 2009


The greatest CNET features you've never seen

You may not even have known CNET UK when we published some of most popular features. Collected together here are our essential collection of favourites from the entire history of CNET UK

By 19 November 2009


How to make an iPhone app or die trying

This is a story about two people who joined the iPhone app goldrush to make a million dollars from a game idea. Its developers give their advice on App Store success

By 9 November 2009


CNET UK's Space Bubble

Feast your optics on this! It's a new gadget show set aboard a little bubble ship floating in space starring CNET UK's Chris Stevens.

22 May 2008


CNET UK's Space Bubble: Episode 3

In this week's show, Chris Stevens from CNET UK looks at rights for robots, reviews the history of beat-them-up video games, and shows you why the Motorola F3 should be cast into the depths of outer space.

22 May 2008


Macworld 2008: Play Steve Jobs Bingo

It's Macworld time again -- and speculation on the show's announcements is as rife as the Novovirus superbug. Come check out the hottest rumours, and play a spot of bingo

By 15 January 2008


Crave Podcast 34: Is Wi-Fi a killer?

This week we put CCTV on trial, and ask whether Wi-Fi will rip our children's faces off and play frisbee with the skins

By 25 May 2007