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Brian Tong delivers everything happening around Google with his high-energy style, covering the late


CEOs of Microsoft, HP, Intel talk future of computing

The chief executives of key tech companies discuss their visions of the explosion of data and the future Internet of Things.

By 12 June 2014


Which tax software is best for you?

The home stretch for the tax filing deadline is upon us. CNET's Brian Cooley and CNET Reviews Editor Sharah Thomas take a look at three of the top tax preparation programs and what you should consider when choosing one.

1 November 2007


Intel's futurist knows what tech you'll want tomorrow

Brian David Johnson is Intel's guy in charge of knowing what tomorrow will be like. No pressure. He shows CNET's Brian Cooley what's next.

By 17 August 2012


Wearables with augmented reality are mind-blowing -- and an ethical nightmare

A panel of industry experts at CES 2014 discusses the ethical quandaries and shared responsibilities with the augmented reality and head-mounted wearables that will change our lives as dramatically as the smartphone.

By 9 January 2014


Minnesota woman to appeal $220,000 RIAA award

Jammie Thomas announces she will challenge federal jury's decision that making files available online violates copyright.

By 8 October 2007


Get ready for Australia's Google+ photo walk

Ahead of the Google+ photo walk across Australia, we chat with Brian Rose, the photo community manager for Google+, about his role and, of course, his photography.

By 29 March 2012


Apple, Samsung win some, lose some in patent case

A jury tells Samsung to pay Apple $119.6 million for infringing some of its patents, while Apple owes Samsung $158,400 for infringing one of the Korean company's patents.

By 3 May 2014


Jammie Thomas loses lawyer but avoids paying RIAA's legal fees

Fund-raising efforts of woman ordered to pay recording industry $222,000 fall far short of amount needed to fund appeal.

By 2 January 2008


Hate the RIAA? Buy a 'Free Jammie' thong

As accused file sharer tries to raise money for legal fees, she takes to selling bibs, boxers, and other merchandise bearing her new logo.

By 29 October 2007


No dearth of Web hits for VW's dinky Darth

Automotive News reports on the success of VW's Darth Vader Super Bowl ad.

By 14 February 2011