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Sony Bloggie Sport hands-on

24 January 2012


Sony Bloggie Live scores with built-in Wi-Fi (hands on)

Unlike most other compact cameras, the Sony Bloggie Live can stream live video via a computer, but it also has enough typical digital camera features to make users happy.

By 19 January 2012


Sony prepping Bloggie camcorder with Wi-Fi

A recent FCC filing suggests Sony has a wireless portable HD camcorder in the works.

By 5 November 2011


Sony Bloggie Duo

Sony's Bloggie Duo minicamcorder makes it easier to be part of your own movie clips and photos. But that's about all it does.

By 14 October 2011


iFixit CEO strips a Sony Bloggie 3D, bares its twin cameras

Ever wanted to see the inside of a minicamcorder without voiding a warranty? Well, here you go.

By 14 June 2011


Sony Bloggie 3D hands-on review: We test Sony's pocket 3D camcorder

We go hands-on with the Sony Bloggie 3D at CES -- it shoots in 3D, and has a screen on the back for viewing your footage without glasses. But how well does it work?

7 Images By 10 January 2011


Sony Bloggie 3D mini-camcorder makes 3D easy, pocketable

Sony's new Bloggie 3D mini-camcorder brings tri-dimensional shooting to your handbag with two lenses and a 3D screen. Other new Bloggies make do with dual screens and 1080p.

By 6 January 2011


Hands on with Sony's new e-readers, Bloggie Touch and cameras

Sony's new range of products have been unveiled in the lead-up to Christmas, with the first Sony-branded e-readers making their way to our shores, alongside new Bravia TVs and the curiously-titled Bloggie Touch.

10 Images By 2 September 2010


Sony Bloggie Touch (photos)

Sony's new Bloggie Touch minicamcorder keeps the core concept of quickly shooting and sharing video from its previous incarnations, but changes just about everything else.

11 Images By 1 September 2010


First impressions: Sony Bloggie Touch

Sony goes more sophisticated with its latest minicamcorders using a slim metal casing and a 3-inch touch screen.

By 1 September 2010