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New Yorkers protest 'Internet people' invading neighborhood

On the Upper West Side, locals object to a sidewalk cafe where people allegedly do awful things such as have Internet dates.

By 5 October 2014


I propose a toastie: The Breville is 40

Celebrating the 40th birthday of the humble Breville, meet the Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster that doubles the filling in your tasty toastie.

By 24 July 2014


Nadella's pitch to Microsoft developers: Stick with us

The new CEO promises developers gathered for annual Build confab in San Francisco that Microsoft can offer them the tools they need to compete in increasingly cross-platform world.

By 2 April 2014


Conan fails to become No. 1 on LinkedIn, resorts to begging

Conan O'Brien seems embarrassed that he's only garnered a paltry 68,000 followers on LinkedIn. So he does what so many business people do -- he fawns and begs, like a company on Kickstarter.

By 6 November 2013


Conan: Bill Gates a total failure, I am LinkedIn's Gladwell

Conan O'Brien steps up to be a LinkedIn influencer. His first post, which may not have been written by him at all, reveals that his aspirations are truly exalted.

By 21 October 2013


FBI: New Internet addresses could hinder police investigations

As the Internet prepares to celebrate World IPv6 Day next week, law enforcement is worried the transition could hinder legitimate investigations. Some tech companies agree it's a concern.

By 1 June 2012


Charity Bribes: Coerce celebs for a good cause

Want Donald Trump to post a picture of his hair when he wakes up? You might just get your wish, if a new site that trades amusing celeb stunts for charity dollars takes off.

By 30 March 2012


Arianna Huffington to Bill Keller: Who you calling 'Oxpecker'?

Huffington Post co-founder responds to attack by executive editor of The New York Times over accusations of "idea aggregation."

By 11 March 2011


Free 'Conan' on Google TV: It works, with quirks

Many major networks are blocking Google TV from streaming content, but so far TBS is allowing Conan's new show to stream on TeamCoCo.com.

By 11 November 2010


Reporters' Roundtable: Space programs (podcast)

Why go to space? And how? Space journalist Miles O'Brien and Commercial Spaceflight Federation president Bretton Alexander talk about how our space program has changed since Apollo, whether we're going back to the moon, and the need for the "Interstate for Space."

By 3 July 2010