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AdBlock Plus spreads its gospel of unintrusive Net advertising

A new manifesto from an ad-blocking company Eyeo tries to build support for the idea that some ads are OK. That's good for its business, since big advertisers pay to get on its whitelist.

By 3 April 2014


Sky Go is yet another Ice Cream Sandwich delay

Sky Go doesn't yet work on the latest version of Android -- so you'll have to choose between Ice Cream Sandwich or Mad Men.

By 13 April 2012


Electric slide for tech industry?

Rising power consumption puts pressure on server makers to tame gear that's running hotter and hungrier.

By 1 February 2006


AMD's server share leaps 10 percent mark

A 51 percent jump in market share from the first quarter to the second is first time AMD has crossed into double-digit territory in server chips.

By 25 July 2005


AMD releases dual-core server chips

Trio of dual-core Opterons hits the market, with three more and a desktop line soon to follow. Photos: AMD's double vision

By 21 April 2005


AMD updates the Opteron family

Advanced Micro Devices says its server chips consume less power. Intel has its challengers.

By 14 February 2005


AMD works to chill out Opteron

New technology will let server processors run cooler when idle, helping to reduce data loss and crashes.

By 6 December 2004


AMD aims to triple server share

The CIA's among its latest customers, but the chipmaker still needs help from big computer makers.

By 4 August 2004


HP plans Opteron servers, AMD partnership

The computing giant strenuously argues that the move doesn't undermine servers using another processor, Intel's Itanium.

By 24 February 2004


Intel reveals new 64-bit server chip

The chipmaker's CEO says the company will add new instructions to its x86 line of processors next quarter.

By 18 February 2004