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AdBlock Plus spreads its gospel of unintrusive Net advertising

A new manifesto from an ad-blocking company Eyeo tries to build support for the idea that some ads are OK. That's good for its business, since big advertisers pay to get on its whitelist.

By 3 April 2014


How Amazon Studios went from grassroots idealist to Hollywood threat

Amazon's arm for making movies and TV shows veered away from its early ambitions with a grander plan to lure Prime customers and crush Netflix. Now it has some in Hollywood on edge.

By 14 November 2013


The Bunker: Brooklyn's hippest recording studio

The Audiophiliac visits the Bunker Studio and gets to watch the magic happen.

By 3 November 2013


Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' gets retro Mario Paint cover

A creative spirit reimagines Daft Punk's fun song with a cover made in the Super Nintendo game Mario Paint. What's not to like?

By 4 September 2013


The sounds of 'Star Trek': This man makes them happen

For Ben Burtt, the "Star Trek Into Darkness" sound designer, nothing was more useful in deciding what the audience should hear than knowing intimately what the original TV show sounded like.

By 17 May 2013


Tech leaders back 'Demand a Plan' to end gun violence

Industry leaders join a campaign started by Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Meanwhile, President Obama says that "in this age of technology" we should be able to check criminal records before selling guns.

By 19 December 2012


How a low-ranked tennis player used Twitter to raise her profile

Eighteen-year-old Laura Robson, ranked #89 in the world, punches well above her weight on Twitter.

By 2 September 2012


Sky Go is yet another Ice Cream Sandwich delay

Sky Go doesn't yet work on the latest version of Android -- so you'll have to choose between Ice Cream Sandwich or Mad Men.

By 13 April 2012


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hops aboard the London Eye in video

The London Eye is enhancing its visitor experience with Samsung Galaxy Tabs boasting bespoke content. We take a look in our video.

By 31 January 2012


MBAs make their way in engineer-crazed tech world

VC and start-up fever have seized Silicon Valley, and new business grads want in on the action. But they often don't know where to look--and the tech industry isn't always seeking them out.

By 10 May 2011