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Microsoft bombs another security test

AV-Test.org's latest security-suite efficacy test fails Microsoft Security Essentials -- for the second time in a row. This time, though, it's not alone.

By 16 January 2013


Day One with your new Windows laptop

Unwrapping a new laptop? Set up these vital tweaks and apps before you do anything else.

By 21 December 2012


AVG Anti-Virus Free 2011

AVG Free might've flagged just a little in the past few years, but it's back with a shorter install, better usability, and faster scans.

By 6 June 2012


CNET to the Rescue: Rich Brown on PCs vs. laptops

CNET senior editor Rich Brown joins Rescue today to bring us up to speed on the latest in desktop PC tech, including the best buys in graphics cards. Also, your questions answered, including how to prepare yourself for the theft of your gadgets, how to tether an iPod Touch to a BlackBerry, and a brief history of ASCII.

By 17 February 2011


Unwrapping a new computer? Check out these essential tweaks and apps first

Most new systems aren't really ready to go out of the box. This collection of hints and tips mirrors what I do for almost every new laptop I try out.

By 17 December 2010


CNET to the Rescue: No matter where you go, here we are

Rafe and Josh discuss the best mobile apps for finding stuff to do and things to eat near you. Also, your questions answered, including our tips for painting your laptop BMW red.

By 28 July 2010


Asus to preload laptops with Amazon Kindle app

The alphabetically enhanced companies Asus and Amazon have heard your cries and responded by striking a deal to preload the Kindle app on select Asus systems.

By 24 May 2010


Malware found on second Vodafone HTC Magic

Another security firm finds Mariposa malware on a new Android-based HTC Magic from Vodafone, according to PandaLabs.

By 17 March 2010


Seven essential free software apps for a new PC

Once you get that new Windows 7 computer, here are the apps you need to install.

By 6 November 2009


Finding the catch in 'free' software

Just because you're not forking over any money doesn't mean you're not paying a price for that freeware.

By 20 October 2009