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Apple now has all major labels on board for Apple Radio launch

A newly struck deal with Sony Music at last gives Apple all the major labels and makes it likely that the iPad maker will unveil iRadio -- or Apple Radio -- at its WWDC gathering, which starts Monday.

By 7 June 2013


Tim Cook says Apple has sold 13M Apple TVs

The Apple CEO continues to sidestep questions about an Apple television but reveals that Apple TV devices are still selling like hotcakes.

By 29 May 2013


Apple will replace faulty Apple TVs for free

If you have an Apple TV that is experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity problems, it may be eligible for a free replacement.

By 16 April 2013


Apple adds two-step verification option for Apple IDs

A new security option gives Apple's customers a way to secure their Apple ID password using their phone.

By 21 March 2013


Apple Maps beats Google Maps in race to Apple HQ

Apple Maps is getting better, even beating Google Maps in an informal race between Silicon Valley reporters.

By 8 March 2013


Apple promises again to fix Apple Maps app

Apple has promised to fix Apple Maps, the app that's so bad at its job it's had police warning against it.

By 24 January 2013


Apple gets trademark on Apple Store design

US Patent and Trademark Office gives Apple trademarks on its retail store design and layout.

By 30 January 2013


Apple boss defends high prices, hints at Apple television

Apple boss Tim Cook has said once again that TV is an area of "intense interest", as well as defending his company's high prices.

By 7 December 2012


Apple Byte: Has Apple lost some of its magic?

New iPad Minis, iMacs, and MacBook Pro Retinas were the stars, but the iPad 4 put the big hurt on Apple loyalists.

By 26 October 2012


Apple now officially owns Beatles' Apple Corps logo

A company had opposed Apple's ownership of the logo, but the electronics giant was issued the registered trademark yesterday, according to Patently Apple.

By 25 October 2012