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Twitter soars on Wall Street, avoiding Facebook's IPO woes

Though Twitter left millions of dollars on the table, its first-day closing price was up 73 percent, giving the social networking company an impressive market cap of $24.48 billion.

By 7 November 2013


U.S. indicts 13 alleged members of Anonymous in DDoS attacks

Attacks were allegedly part of an anti-copyright campaign called "Operation Payback," which was in retaliation for the 2010 shutdown of The Pirate Bay.

By 4 October 2013


Placing Literature maps book scenes in the real world

Go behind the scenes of a new site based in Google Maps that combines geography, technology, and literature into a crowdsourced map of real locations from novels.

By 21 June 2013


What's the deal with daily deals?

Recent problems at Groupon have people questioning whether the company--and indeed, the daily deals phenomenon it touched off--are showing signs of flaming out. Not so fast.

By 12 September 2011


Nokia N8 in your own words: A reader review retrospective

The Nokia N8 was the most divisive, controversial phone of the last year and our brilliant readers -- that's you! -- had plenty to say on the matter. Here's the best.

By 16 May 2011


MBAs make their way in engineer-crazed tech world

VC and start-up fever have seized Silicon Valley, and new business grads want in on the action. But they often don't know where to look--and the tech industry isn't always seeking them out.

By 10 May 2011


At SXSWi, Twitter may finally have met its match

No question Twitter is still huge here, but Foursquare and Gowalla have to be considered a major part of people's organizing principle.

By 16 March 2010


Do musicians care about sound quality?

Do audiophiles care more about sound quality than your average musician? Jazz drummer and audiophile Billy Drummond helps unravel the stereotype.

By 21 January 2009


OSBC Update: Marten Mickos is getting his IT executives, in spades

OSBC is getting better and better, with a range of IT executives contributing.

By 23 November 2007