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Andrew Lim: Star of CCTV

Little did we know we would be picked up on CCTV apparently doing something dodgy -- the next thing we know, we're surrounded by coppers

By 28 January 2008


HTC Magic

The second phone to run Google's Android operating system debuts at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. CNET U.K.'s Andrew Lim takes it for a spin.

2 March 2009


Crave Podcast 89: The Jesus phone, resurrected

Podcast 89 is in the hizzouse! Rory, Shannon, Rupert and the phonemeister Andrew Lim hit the studio to discuss -- among other things -- the launch of the 3G iPhone

By 13 June 2008


Exclusive: Hands-on video with the 3G iPhone

In easily the largest scoop CNET.co.uk has ever had, mobile phone editor Andrew Lim slipped his PR minders to bring you this exclusive video of the 3G iPhone

By 1 April 2008


Crave Talk: Nintendo must make a mobile phone

If there's one company our mobile phone editor Andrew Lim wishes would make a phone, it's Nintendo. Read his rant to find out why

By 21 November 2007


CNET.co.uk team stars in Gmail video

They blog, they podcast, they patrol the streets dressed as iPhones and superheroes... and now they're in the Gmail video. There's no stopping CNET.co.uk's Andrew Lim and Nate Lanxon

By 29 August 2007


The iPhone is here! Okay, not here...

If you live in America then you can buy an iPhone today and make our resident mobile phone reviewer, Andrew Lim, very jealous indeed

By 29 June 2007


A blueprint for the perfect phone

Does the perfect phone have a million features, or just a few features that work brilliantly? CNET.co.uk's mobile phone editor Andrew Lim has a crack at describing his perfect phone

By 18 June 2007


Crave Podcast 20: Five reasons not to use Vista

Our latest Crave Podcast provides you with five good reasons to ignore Vista, puts iTunes on trial and gives Andrew Lim (Bez) a real microphone..

By 2 February 2007


BlackBerry Pearl 8100: The BlackBerry experience -- Part 1

Crave's Andrew Lim hasn't been the biggest of BlackBerry fans, but the new Pearl has got him rather excited. Will he convert to the BlackBerry side? He tested it to find out...

By 10 October 2006