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NBA star J.R. Smith suffers for his Twitter brilliance

The Knicks' JR Smith is in Twitter trouble again after apparently threatening the Pistons' Brandon Jennings. He is fined $25,000. But isn't there more to his Twitter account than there appears?

By 16 November 2013


IBM's Watson bores as 'Jeopardy' big shot Sherlock

In the first of three nights playing against two great "Jeopardy" champions, IBM supercomputer Watson scores well but shows precious little character. He also made howling errors.

By 15 February 2011


IBM's Watson jeopardizes humanity in game 2

In the second of three nights of the IBM Challenge, supercomputer Watson dominates and even shows inadvertent humor.

By 16 February 2011


Me versus Watson: Putting myself in 'Jeopardy'

CNET contributor Katie Linendoll gets to try a round against the lightning-fast IBM computer in advance of its stint against two "Jeopardy" champs.

By 14 February 2011


IBM's Watson set for 'Jeopardy' battle

Program powered by an IBM Power7 server will compete against "Jeopardy" superstars Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in a contest to air in February.

By 14 December 2010


IBM's Watson to appear on Jeopardy, confirms even supercomputers are dumbing down

Supercomputers have come a long way since Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov. IBM's latest, Watson, is entering US TV show Jeopardy -- with $1m up for grabs.

By 15 December 2010


Taking IBM's supercomputer to Final 'Jeopardy' (Q&A)

45 Minutes on IM: Eric Brown, a manager on IBM Research's Watson project, talks with CNET about building a computer that may be able to beat the world's best 'Jeopardy' players. He's confident the computer can emerge victorious.

By 16 December 2010


IBM program to take on 'Jeopardy' champions

Big Blue took on chess champion Garry Kasparov. Now, an IBM program called Watson is preparing to take on champions of the game show "Jeopardy."

By 27 April 2009