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Typical Price: £189.00
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3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

1.5 stars 8 user reviews

The Good Pure Ice Cream Sandwich; Dual-core power; MicroSD card slot.

The Bad Unresponsive touchscreen; Unimpressive battery life; Laggy camera; Rubbery feel.

The Bottom Line The ZTE Grand X puts dual-core power and Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system in your pocket for £190 on pay as you go, although you'll need to go to Virgin Media to get it. Buyers should beware of its underwhelming battery life, laggy camera and rubbery, unresponsive touchscreen.

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6.5 Overall

If you love the smell of a mid-range 'droid in the morning, then prepare yourself for some nose twitching. The ZTE Grand X combines a dual-core Tegra chip with pure Android Ice Cream Sandwich -- and all for £190 on pay as you go from Virgin Media.

If you're not familiar with ZTE, the Chinese mobile maker is a plucky underdog in the UK's smart phone market. It trails Asian giants Samsung, LG and HTC, with only a handful of phones, including a couple of cheap 'droids, the Skate and the Kis, and one budget Windows Phone.

With the more souped-up Grand X, ZTE is hoping to grab a larger slice of Blighty's smart phone pie. But is it in with a chance?

Virgin Media's pay-monthly prices for the phone start at £19 (for existing customers), or £24 a month for new customers. The Grand X can also be bagged via Phones 4u on two-year contracts from around £20 a month.

Should I buy the ZTE Grand X?

The ZTE Grand X is an acquired taste. If you're not head over heels in love with naked Android (that is, the software as Google intended it, minus the interface tinkering phone manufacturers are prone to), and aren't fussed about 3D gaming, it won't engender much love in you.

ZTE Grand X
The ZTE Grand X lets you get up close and personal with unskinned Ice Cream Sandwich.

The phone's rubbery touchscreen puts a real downer on any kind of interaction. The joy you thought you'd have at fondling Ice Cream Sandwich is all too often dashed to smithereens against its unresponsive glass.

If you're renowned for your crushingly firm handshake then maybe you won't have such trouble getting your taps to register on the Grand X's pane. But everyone else, be warned.

The only real reasons to buy this Android phone are if you're an avid 3D gamer with a serious love of Tegra apps. Or you simply must have unadulterated Ice Cream Sandwich but can't afford a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Or you're locked to Virgin Media and can't find a better alternative.

ZTE Grand X
The Grand X has a bright and colourful screen that's plenty big enough for web browsing.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich and apps

The Grand X runs the latest but one version of Google's Android mobile operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich. That's just about as fresh as Android comes right now since the newest version, Jelly Bean, was only unveiled this summer. ZTE gets full marks for eschewing the more common but now rather stale Gingerbread iteration of Android.

Certain Android fans will also love the fact it's delivering ICS without any big interface tweaks. Yes, that's right folks, this is pure ICS, almost exactly as Google intended it -- although for some reason, ICS's Face Unlock feature is not offered (even though the Grand X has a front-facing camera).

In my view, unskinned ICS is very much an acquired taste. There's no doubt it has speed advantages over some laggy Android skins, and you might dig its Tron-esque looks. But it's not all gravy. If you're not the kind of person who likes geeking around with gadgets, it could feel more convoluted than you're comfortable with -- and therefore irritatingly frustrating. You guys might prefer HTC's Sense 4.0 interface, which can be found gracing its One series of devices.

On the Grand X, the camera interface is especially unlovely -- with small, fiddly icons to press and sub-menus squirrelled away in odd places. Even making a phone call or dialling down screen brightness isn't as straightforward as it could be -- requiring multiple presses and too many guesses as to what should be pressed and when.

All that said, some people really are into unskinned Android so this might be exactly what you're after.

ZTE Grand X
The Grand X's display is as rubbery as day-old bacon and as unresponsive as a teenager being asked what they did at school today.

To make the most of the Grand X's Tegra chipset, it comes pre-loaded with Nvidia's Tegra Zone games app store. If mobile gaming floats your boat, there's no shortage of high-octane apps on tap here, some free, most requiring a few quid of your hard-earned. Several games have been pre-loaded on my review unit, including Dead Trigger, Fruit Ninja THD and Big Top THD.

Since the phone is exclusive to Virgin Media, expect some bloatware apps to be installed too -- although there wasn't anything too annoying weighing down my review device.

I did notice a few software glitches with the Grand X during my time testing it, including the native browser (nothing appearing on the page until I reloaded the browser), and a few apps crashing. The native browser also doesn't neatly wrap text to the page width, which can get annoying. You can easily switch to an alternative browser like Google's Chrome for Android though.

The more serious glitches I encountered usually resolved themselves on a second attempt so the phone seems reasonably stable overall. By far the biggest problem with the Grand X is its unresponsive, rubbery screen.


With the aim of ensuring a decent gaming and video viewing experience, the Grand X has a fairly large screen, measuring 4.3 inches on the diagonal.

Screen resolution is 540x960 pixels, which equates to a middling pixel-per-inch count of 256. I found the display clear and colourful although it's not especially vibrant. Screen hardware is certainly one of the areas where ZTE is saving a few renminbi on build costs. It's a TFT affair so it doesn't live up to the brilliant displays found on more premium phones, which often sport AMOLED or Super AMOLED screens.

When the display is switched off, you can see a matrix of dots that's characteristic of cheaper displays. Squeeze the edges and there's a lot of flex in it too.

The cheapness of the Grand X's display really comes across in how it feels which, sad to say, is distinctly rubbery and unresponsive. The edges of the screen seem especially dull so icons sitting towards the sides often require insistent, heavy taps for your finger to register. Annoying to say the least.

The rubberiness of the screen is especially irritating when dealing with tiny buttons such as those on the camera interface or on certain games. So unless you're seriously laid back or have very spindly yet heavy fingers (Edward Scissorhands?), you'll quickly lose patience with the Grand X's pane.

ZTE Grand X
The Grand X is blessed with a dual-core Tegra 2 chip -- great news if you like 3D gaming.

Power and performance

ZTE is making lots of noise about the chip combo inside the Grand X. It's graced with a dual-core 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor and Nvidia Icera 450 HSPA+ modem. ZTE reckons this all-Nvidia combo is worth boasting about -- claiming it's a first for smart phones and delivers "outstanding performance and long battery life".

So much for the hype. In reality, the Grand X's 1,650mAh battery is no marathon runner. After 2 hours streaming a Nyan cat video over Wi-Fi, I managed to deplete the tank from full to 38 per cent (screen brightness dialled to max for this test). Playing a mere half-hour of Heroes Call THD was also enough to drain over a quarter of a full tank -- dropping it down to 73 per cent -- so don't expect epic feats of endurance.

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