Volvo V60 T6 Polestar review:

Volvo V60 T6 Polestar

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Typical Price: £24,315.00
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The Good Noticeably faster than the standard car; extra performance doesn't adversely affect fuel economy or emissions if driven sensibly.

The Bad Feels rather soulless unless you're really pushing it.

The Bottom Line The £645 Polestar software upgrade makes your Volvo V60 with a T6 engine more rapid in a straight line, but it won't transform the car's otherwise quite sensible personality.

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8.3 Overall

Few things on this Earth are as boring as a Volvo, except maybe a Volvo estate. You know it, we know it -- hell, even Volvo knows it, which is why the Swedish company is offering owners of a V60 with a T6 engine the chance to inject some aggression into their cars with a £645 Polestar software upgrade. It unleashes an extra 24bhp of hidden power without compromising CO2 emissions, fuel economy or your warranty.

We went hands-on with just such a beefed-up V60 recently to see whether the 329bhp Swedish monster is the perfect Ikea getaway car, or whether the upgrade is a complete waste of cash.

Upgrade process

Bestowing your Volvo with additional torque and power is a very straightforward process. No spanners, wrenches or grunting workmen are involved at all. Owners can simply rock up to their local Volvo dealership, fork out £645, and a kind workman will connect a laptop to the car's on-board diagnostics 2 port.

This allows the Volvo mechanic to upload new code to the car's engine-control unit -- a bit like Jeff Goldblum did at the end of Independence Day. Rather than telling the car to destroy itself, however, the code instructs the engine-management system to let its hair down and unleash some extra horses. After 30 minutes or so of transferring the new data, your once humble V60 will have been transformed into something resembling a mentalist.

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