Voix Genie Wireless Tablet Keyboard review: Voix Genie Wireless Tablet Keyboard

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CNET Editors' Rating

4 stars Excellent
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The Good Small; easy to use; good battery life.

The Bad No docking station.

The Bottom Line The Voix Genie Wireless Tablet Keyboard connects to your tablet or smart phone over Bluetooth so you can bash out long missives easily. It's small and comfortable, but the lack of a dock is a drawback.

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If trying to type long emails and texts on your tablet or smart phone drives you up the wall, the Voix Genie Wireless Tablet Keyboard may be of interest. Connecting to your portable devices over Bluetooth, it aims to let you bash out missives at speed, and in comfort. Also compatible with Macs and PCs, it's available now in black, black or black for around £40.

Slap it in your satchel

Keyboards designed for use with portable devices need to be lightweight, sturdy and small enough to fit in a bag, while also being large enough to accommodate sausage fingers. The Genie ticks all of those boxes.

At 284mm wide, the Genie is roughly the width of the keyboard you'd expect to find on a 15-inch laptop, while also being very slender. Weighing only 310g, the Genie won't weigh you down when chucked in a backpack. Its build quality is fairly good, and we reckon it'll withstand the odd knock.

The Genie lacks a dock of any kind, so it can't support your tablet or phone at an angle to the screen. That's a shame, since balancing both a keyboard and a tablet on your lap at the same time isn't easy, or particularly comfortable. 

On the back, you'll find a minuscule power switch and an equally minuscule button for connecting the device over Bluetooth. You'll probably need to use your fingernails on these buttons.

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Voix Genie Wireless Tablet Keyboard

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