Vodafone 810 review: Vodafone 810

Typical Price: £45.00

Vodafone 810

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3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Good-looking design; easy to use.

The Bad Below-par camera; basic browser.

The Bottom Line The 810 is a good-looking handset, but some of its features, such as the camera and Web browser, are just too basic for our tastes. It may be cheap, but there's nothing on offer here to outclass its budget rivals

6.5 Overall

While T-Mobile, Orange and O2 tend to make a big deal of their own branded handsets, Vodafone prefers to slip them in under the radar. The 810 has arrived with little fanfare, yet it boasts a decent spec and a slick-looking design. But does its low asking price of just £45 on pay as you go make this phone a hidden gem or an embarrassment that's best kept out of the limelight?

At first glance you could mistake the 810 for any number of handsets from prolific manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. This is mainly because it's got a similar glossy exterior and sliding design to those found on many of the phones from those two brands.

But the handset is not just attractive, it's also relatively small, measuring just 98mm tall and 48mm wide. And seeing as it tips the scales at a shade over 100g it won't exactly weigh you down when you drop it into your pocket.

The sliding mechanism feels pretty sturdy when you flick it open and the keypad hiding underneath is a decent size, with nicely spaced keys that are easy to use for texting. The menu system is based on the standard Vodafone theme, so it's instantly familiar and navigating it via the large direction pad under the screen is a cinch. The placement of the navigation pad and buttons, however, does mean that you have to be careful not to accidentally hit them when you're sliding the phone open and closed.

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