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CNET Editors' Rating

3 stars Good
Pricing Unavailable

The Good Incredibly cheap; Handy charging dock; SOS button; Hearing aid compatible.

The Bad Interface could be simpler; Fewer features would make it more straightforward.

The Bottom Line The Vodafone 155 offers big-buttoned simplicity, an SOS emergency button and hearing-aid compatibility -- making it easy to use for elderly or less capable mobile users. At £25 on pay as you go, it's certainly very cheap, but it isn't always as easy to use as it could be.

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The Vodafone 155 is an entry-level phone designed for elderly mobile users -- or anyone who wants a straightforward mobile with large buttons and menus that are easy to understand.

At just £25 on pay as you go, the 155, also known as the Alcatel V155, is very affordable -- yet it packs in a fair few features, including an SOS button on the back that can be customised to call and text a variety of contacts, plus hearing-aid compatibility and an FM radio.

The 155 also comes with a handy charging dock where it can be placed when at home.

Vodafone 155 charging dock
The Vodafone 155 comes with a handy charging dock in the box so the phone has its own home at home.

Should I buy the Vodafone 155?

The Vodafone 155 is designed for elderly people who would have trouble with small buttons or touchscreens.

The network describes it as a "helpful no-frills phone" -- and it's certainly light on features. But in my view they could have trimmed a few more functions to make it even more straightforward to use.

While it's pretty simple for making and receiving calls, and has a handy SOS button on the back for emergencies, the menus and features aren't always as basic as they could be.

But it is very cheap -- just £25 -- which makes it cheaper than other super-basic mobiles such as the Doro PhoneEasy 409gsm , which costs around £90.

Calling and texting

The Vodafone 155 has big, easy to mash buttons, and a small, colourful screen. It looks more like a cordless telephone than a fancy new-fangled mobile, especially when sitting in the handy charging dock that comes in the box.

There is one three-way navigation key that might be a bit fiddly for someone who's not that dextrous so, if in doubt, do try to test the phone before buying.

Making a phone call is easy from the homescreen -- you simply key in the number you're after and push the big green call button. The phone also includes a contacts book where names and numbers can be stored so you don't have to input the number every time. And there's a handy call log so it's easy to see who's been trying to call you.

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