Vita Audio R2i review: Vita Audio R2i

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Typical Price: £280.00
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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Great sound quality; useful iPod and iPhone dock.

The Bad Initially confusing remote.

The Bottom Line A great halfway house for anyone who doesn't want a full-blown hi-fi, the smart Vita Audio R2i tabletop radio has a diverse feature set, including an iPhone-compatible iPod dock, and is more than up to the job of being your home's primary musical device

8.3 Overall

At around £280, the Vita Audio R2i certainly isn't cheap, but it feels like money well spent once you've got your hands on it. A heavy case, two good speakers, a bundled remote and an iPod dock set this unit one step above most all-in-one radios, making it an ideal halfway house between a true portable and a mini system with separate speakers.

Body beautiful
In height and width, the R2i isn't much smaller than a video recorder. The black finish on our test unit was beautiful, smooth and glossy, and, as a bonus, seemingly impervious to fingerprints. If this doesn't suit your decor, there are two alternatives available: white and walnut veneer.

The speakers are set into the front, rather than the top, as they are with its smaller tabletop rival, the Tivoli Model DAB . The controls and iPod dock are mounted on the top of the unit. The controls, like the screen, glow blue when in use, and have a satisfying, responsive action. The volume control is a circular rocker, rather than a knob, which you turn and hold in either direction rather than continually twisting.

Those who don't like the black version can opt for the walnut-veneer (above) or white model

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