Toshiba Regza AV (26AV713B) review:

Toshiba Regza AV (26AV713B)

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Typical Price: £280.00
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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Good audio; Excellent picture for its price; Comfortable remote control.

The Bad Basic EPG; Chunky dimensions.

The Bottom Line It's not the prettiest TV you can buy, but the 26-inch Toshiba 26AV713 punches above its weight when it comes to picture performance.

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8.3 Overall

The 26-inch 26AV713B is part of Toshiba's entry-level range. It takes over from last year's AV635 series, which produced some impressive, if basic, TVs. Priced at a relatively modest £280, the 1366x768-pixel LCD 26AV713B seems to be a good bet for a second TV in the kitchen or bedroom. But is this really the case?

Chunky chassis

The TV looks pretty much like LCD sets used to look before slim-line LED models appeared on the market -- big and chunky with a wide bezel running around the screen. Toshiba has added some design flare by gently curving the top and bottom of the chassis and adding a thin chrome band just below the screen.

Since there's only a standard Freeview tuner on board, you don't get access to high-definition services from the likes of the BBC and ITV. While slow channel changes were an issue with the other two Toshiba sets we've looked at recently -- the 32DV713 and 40RV753 -- the 26AV713 doesn't suffer from this problem. Interestingly, the set also uses a completely different electronic programme guide from the other two models. Instead of having a horizontal, bricks-in-the-wall style design, the 26AV713's on-screen guide uses a vertical layout that's similar to that used on the old TiVo PVR. This works reasonably well, but means you can't tell at a glance if programmes on nearby channels will clash. We also found it annoying that you can't check what's on another channel without actually changing the channel from within the EPG.

The EPG has a vertical layout similar to the old TiVo PVR.

For a portable TV, the 26AV713 is reasonably well endowed when it comes to inputs. Around the back, you'll find two HDMI sockets as well as a pair of Scart inputs. There's a VGA connector if you want to use the set as a monitor with a PC and a set of component inputs. On the left-hand edge, next to the CI slot, you'll find a solitary USB port. Unfortunately, this can't be used for video playback, but it does let you view JPG pictures and listen to MP3 files stored on a memory key or external hard drive. While the on-screen interface for this is quite basic (it's essentially a file browser), it is, thankfully, quick to navigate.

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