Toshiba DV (19DV713B) review: Toshiba DV (19DV713B)

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CNET Editors' Rating

3 stars Good
Pricing Unavailable

The Good Built-in DVD player;. Impressive sound;. Strong colours.

The Bad Poor EPG;. Slightly blotchy backlighting;. Slow channel changes.

The Bottom Line The 19-inch Toshiba DV 19DV713B has good picture and sound quality, but the TV's EPG is quite annoying to use.

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If you live in a small flat or just need a TV for a second room, this 19-inch DV 19DV713B from Toshiba is a real space-saver, especially with its integrated DVD player. Priced at around £200, it's pretty affordable too, but does it deliver good picture quality?

Stand on its own

The TV is finished almost entirely in glossy black with just a slight silver speckled effect used on the bottom of the bezel. Its curvy design is quite pleasing to the eye, but at 76mm it's very deep -- in fact, we've seen slimmer 55-inch sets.

The TV comes with its stand already attached, so there's no assembly involved.

Since the stand is already attached when you take it out of the box, you don't have to fiddle around with screws to put it together. In saying that, the stand can be removed if you want to hang it on a wall -- it has standard Vesa mounting holes so it will work with any standard wall mount.

Good controls, poor EPG

Setting the TV up is very straightforward. The first time you turn it on, an on-screen wizard guides you through the channel-tuning process. Once this is completed you'll find that the menu system, although not exactly teeming with graphical icons, is sensibly laid-out and easy to find your way around. It also offers pretty comprehensive picture settings. Along with the usual brightness and contrast controls, it offers 3D-colour-management settings, a rarity on a small screen like this. The menu also gives plenty of control over the set's audio. Treble and bass controls are joined by a volume limiter, which may come in handy on those channels that still think it's acceptable to ramp up the volume during adverts.

The set's electronic programme guide (EPG) isn't quite as impressive. It uses a traditional bricks-in-the wall layout, but it feels very sluggish to use. When you move between channels in the EPG, the TV automatically switches to that channel, so you can't browse what's coming up while keeping the current show displayed. This is a very annoying limitation, and one that we've seen on other Toshiba sets recently. Another issue is that the set is very slow to change channels, sometimes taking up to 6 seconds to switch to an adjacent channel, which grates on the nerves after a while.

DVD integration

Given the TV's small size, it actually has a good line-up of ports, including two HDMI sockets, a set of component inputs, a Scart socket and composite connector. There's also a USB port on the left-hand side beneath the DVD player. This can be used to view photos or listen to MP3 files, but, although the TV is DivX-compatible, it can't be used to play videos. If you want to play DivX files, you have to burn them to CD or DVD and play them back via the DVD player.

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