Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350

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/ Updated: 6 September 2010 3:10 PM BST

The new Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350 is the follow-up to the Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300, and was unveiled alongside the new Touch PRS-650. The new Pocket adds a touchscreen to its smaller form factor, which means your choice between Touch or Pocket comes down mostly to size -- and price.

The Pocket's screen is 5 inches from corner to corner, while the Touch boasts 6 inches. Both models have 2GB of memory built in, and the Touch supports memory cards for extra storage. Both can be controlled via the touchscreen with either your finger or the provided stylus.

The Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350 will be available in silver and pink. Because it's so similar to the Touch PRS-650, we'll cover the full details and the differences between the models in our preview of the Touch -- click here to read.

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Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350

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