Sony DR-BT50 Bluetooth headphones review:

Sony DR-BT50 Bluetooth headphones

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If you hear the word 'Bluetooth' and think of those annoying headsets businessmen have strapped to their faces 20 hours a day, you're very, very normal. However, Sony's new DR-BT50s are ultra-stylish headphones aimed, we assume, not at the conversation-heavy white-van man, but at the trendy 20-somethings who want to rock out with their MP3-laden mobile phone.

With a built-in microphone, a set of music-player controls and even folder-navigation buttons mounted into the side, the DR-BT50s have potential.

You're about to clamp something to your head, so comfort's going to be crucial. The first thing we noticed about the DR-BT50s was the luxury padded ear pads and head band. They're an incredibly comfy pair of cans -- the ear cups cradle your ears lovingly, even for long periods. Those of you with larger auditory receptors will feel cared for, as the delicate headphone padding positively caresses your stress-prone cartilage.

In the flesh: the DR-BT50s are really comfortable headphones

The cups are adjustable to suit even the widest of crania. Folding them away leaves the headphones in a semi-circle shape, so it's really easy to slip them into the padded carrying case that's included in the box.

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