Sony Bravia KDL-20S2020 review:

Sony Bravia KDL-20S2020

Typical Price: £499.00
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3.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Generally good pictures; HD resolution; PC capabilities; strong features list.

The Bad Not the prettiest portable TV in town; onscreen menu text is ridiculously small.

The Bottom Line There really isn't much the Sony Bravia KDL-20S2020 gets wrong. It's got a feature count that leaves most small LCDs trailing, its pictures are miles better than usual for the 'second TV' market and best of all it's an absolute bargain considering how much it's got to offer

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7.5 Overall

Since it first launched, Sony's 20-inch Bravia KDL-S2020 LCD TV -- complete with HD Ready resolution and connections -- has dropped dramatically in price.

It's now looking to be one heck of bargain for around £500.

The 20S2020 does seem fearsomely well specified for such an affordable TV. For starters, there's the widescreen HD Ready pixel count of 1,366x768, a high resolution that seldom finds its way on to TVs of this size.

Then there's the way the 20S2020 backs this initial high-definition credential up with HDMI and component video inputs for piping in hi-def sources, as well as providing a D-Sub PC port so that the TV can double up as a computer monitor. Such dual functionality really is invaluable on a portable-sized TV, in our opinion.

More good news comes with the discovery that the 20S2020 sports a digital Freeview tuner, complete with all the expected secondary functionality, such as digital teletext and seven-day electronic programme guide support.

Having pressed all the right feature buttons, it would be tragic if the 20S2020 let us down with its performance. But it doesn't. Not by a long chalk.

Its picture quality is in a different league to that of most small-screen rivals, delivering black-level depths and vibrant colour saturations that wouldn't look out of place on 'main room' TVs at the 32-inch and bigger level.

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