Sonos Sub review: Sonos Sub

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Sonos Sub

(Part #: 674640513)
4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

5 stars 3 user reviews

The Good Thumping bass sounds great; Good build quality; Looks good; Easy set up.

The Bad Very high price.

The Bottom Line A fantastic-sounding sub for people already with Sonos gear that are looking for better overall sound. You will need plenty of disposable cash to make it worth your while, but if you fancy treating yourself this month your ears will thank you.

8.3 Overall

If you've bought any of the standalone Sonos speakers over the years like the Play 3 or the Play 5 , you'll know there's something missing from the sound they produce, and that's a thumping great big bass. Enter the Sonos Sub, an evil-looking wireless sub designed to work with most bits of Sonos kit to fill out the bottom end.

Sonos has become the byword for multi-room audio done well, producing a range of pricey but fantastic boxes that can stream music tracks from your computer, networked hard drive and various Internet services such as Spotify and Unlike Apple's Airport Express, Sonos systems can play different tracks in different rooms and, although they are wireless, they don't use Wi-Fi, which means they are less prone to stopping in the middle of a song (although that does happen sometimes).

Easy to set up

The Sub is as easy to set up as the rest of the range. If you already have a Sonos system and your software is up to date, you simply have to plug the Sub in, select 'add a Sonos component' on your controller, push a button on the Sub, go through a few configuration screens to tweak the sound and you're off.

The configuration screens are pretty painless -- you're asked to listen to a noise and select which version sounds louder (if either), then set the volume of the Sub. If you change your mind later, it's easy to go back and manually adjust the settings in the controller software. If you're using the Sub with a set of speakers, you can also change the crossover frequency to suit the speakers you're using.

Sonos Sub set-up
The set-up is reasonably simple and you can always go back to manually tweak the settings.

You can lie the Sub on its side, providing there is nothing blocking the top, or stand it up, making sure there is a gap on one side if you're putting it flush against a wall. It doesn't matter where you put it in a room. Unlike most subs, you might want to leave it on show rather than tucking it away behind a sofa, as the glossy black finish is quite nice and the hole in the middle might pass for a talking point if you're running low on weather-related anecdotes.


The Sub only works with Sonos gear with an amplifier in it, which means it doesn't work with the Connect, the box that connects to an existing hi-fi. It does work with the Connect Amp, which does away with the hi-fi box altogether and just needs a set of speakers wired to it, and the Play 5 and Play 3, which are speakers already.

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