Shure SE115m+ review:

Shure SE115m+

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Typical Price: £100.00
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3.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Easy to put on;. reasonable sound quality;. in-line remote for answering calls on iPhone.

The Bad Not as secure as ear loop headphones.

The Bottom Line There's not a great deal wrong with these Shure SE115m+ headphones. They hardly blow us away, but if you've just bought an iPhone or iPod and are looking for a sonic upgrade, these should serve you well.

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7.5 Overall

Our ears are still singing the praises of the Shure SE535s we reviewed a few months ago, so we have high hopes of these -- the Shure SE115m+s. We're going to go ahead and leave the '+' out of the rest of this review. All you need to know is that this set of 'buds is almost identical to the SE115s we reviewed last year, but includes an in-line remote for the benefit of those who listen to their tunes through iProducts. They'll set you back about £100, but are they worth it?

Stick it to the man

In terms of design, there's no complicated ear-loop arrangement like you'd find on high-end Shure earbuds. Instead, these buds simply stick into your lugs, with no cat's-cradle-like ear-tangling required. On the plus side, this makes them simple to pop in and out. On the other hand, they're not as secure, so if you're doing a spot of jogging or something that involves vigorous movement, you might find they work their way loose.

We settled for the medium-sized rubber earbuds, and found they formed a comfortable seal inside our ears. Like any earbuds that create a rubbery barrier between your inner ear and the frightening outside world, the SE115ms offer decent sound isolation, rendering you more or less completely alienated from your fellow commuters/joggers/colleagues/family members.

These headphones come packaged with a selection of rubber and foam earbuds, plus a cleaning tool and a protective pouch. We've never been able to keep track of these bits and bobs for more than about five minutes, but if you're less prone to losing things than us, you might find these accessories come in handy.

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