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The Good Superb all-round sound quality; push-to-hear microphone system.

The Bad Price; web of wires.

The Bottom Line The E500PTHs make ordinary earphones sound utterly useless in comparison. They're extremely pricey and a complete pain to wear, but it's by far the best solution if you want to listen to music with no compromises

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According to Shure, the E500s are derived from personal monitor technology designed for professional musicians. The E500PTHs are said to be the ultimate in consumer earphones. Shure, experts in high-end audio equipment, has crammed in an awful lot of technology that not only helps promote incredible audio fidelity, but also pushes the price tag to a whopping �420. Read on to find out why.

The E500PTHs are the crème de la crème of sound-isolating earbuds -- and they certainly look the part. Shure may have shied away from using white iPod-style cables, but the bizarre greenish colour of the earbuds, and its accompanying dongle attachment, promote a feeling that you've just bought something special.

Like all earbud headphones, they feature sound-isolating sleeves that are inserted just inside the ear's external auditory canal -- just beyond the reach of your little finger. This allows them to (according to Shure) block approximately 90 per cent of external noise. We can't verify Shure's claims, but suffice to say we couldn't hear a thing while wearing them -- even with no music playing.

With the sounds of the outside world almost completely excluded, the E500PTHs are left to pump music directly, it seems, into your brain. They're the first in the Shure range to feature three separate 'high-definition' audio drivers in each earbud -- one tweeter for high notes and two woofers for the bass frequencies. They also have a set of integrated passive crossovers that separate the low and high frequencies, helping to ensure competing sounds remain distinct.

The result of all this clever technology is awesome sound quality. The E500PTHs don't sound that much better than an ordinary set of mid-range headphones when the playback volume is low to medium, but crank up the tunes and you'll love it. Bass thumps, mid-range is loud without being overpowering and treble is well-balanced. They're so good we were able to hear sounds that we were previously unaware of in some of our favourite music.

The overall volume of the earphones was also impressive -- we dare anyone to crank their player up to maximum levels without suffering a headache the next day.

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