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Samsung Solid Immerse

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Typical Price: £100.00
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2.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

4.5 stars 2 user reviews

The Good Rugged design; LED flashlight is useful; some useful apps.

The Bad Poor battery life; disappointing camera; basic operating system.

The Bottom Line The Samsung Solid Immerse can certainly put up with plenty of punishment, but its basic software and lack of battery stamina mean there are better rugged phones out there.

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5.5 Overall

Samsung's Solid Immerse is aimed at people with an adventurous streak. Its sturdy exterior allows it to resist water, repel dust and laugh in the face of bumps. Sadly, the phone's shortcomings mean you may think twice about taking it on your next outdoor escapade.

The Solid Immerse is available for around £100 SIM-free. Monthly contract prices start at around £10.

Built to last

With a chunky design and IP67 accreditation, the Solid Immerse has been built to take punishment, including drops, submersion in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes, and dusty environments that would make your vacuum cleaner beg for the sweet release of death.

When placed alongside some of the svelter phones on the market, the Solid Immerse looks positively gargantuan. All of its ports are covered with stoppers, and the keypad is fashioned from a single piece of rubber. This prevents dust and liquid from entering the inside of the device.

"Have a bit of that," we cackled, as we put the Solid Immerse under the cold tap. It withstood the waterboarding session with aplomb.

The 2-inch screen has an anti-scratch coating to prevent damage, and the battery compartment is kept watertight thanks to a unique locking system that requires the use of a coin or suchlike to open.

Although Samsung is cautious about the Solid Immerse's ability to stand firm against the elements -- the instruction manual warns you against intentionally dunking the handset in water -- we were very impressed with its construction.

Simple Samsung

The Solid Immerse has a proprietary user interface developed by Samsung. The upshot is that the phone's pretty easy to use. The grid-like menu system will be instantly familiar to anyone weaned on Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets circa 2005, and finding your way around is a relatively pain-free experience.

The Solid Immerse even comes with some neat extras that you wouldn't normally associate with a dumb, as opposed to smart, phone. A built-in pedometer allows you to track your epic cross-country hikes, and Facebook and Twitter connectivity offers some limited social-networking opportunities.

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