Samsung HT-D6750W review:

Samsung HT-D6750W

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Typical Price: £700.00
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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

5 stars 1 user review

The Good Solid 3D Blu-ray player; Smart Hub Internet connectivity; wireless rear speakers.

The Bad Not really a 7.1-channel system.

The Bottom Line Samsung has loaded up its HT-D6750W home-cinema kit with everything bar the kitchen sink. If you want a 3D Blu-ray player, Web connectivity and a sound system that hasn't been beaten with the ugly stick, you should definitely take a closer look.

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8.3 Overall

There's only one rule of thumb when it comes to buying an all-in-one home-cinema system -- never buy cheap. The HT-D6750W sits at the top of Samsung's shiny, happy home-cinema line. Including a 3D Blu-ray player, five speakers and a subwoofer, the HT-D6750W costs around £700.

Up and running

The jigsaw puzzle of plastic pieces that awaits you in the box may look daunting, but it's easy to make sense of everything. Coded speaker terminals make it straightforward to sort out the jumble of cables, and then everything else slots quickly into place.

Once assembled, you'll have a slim console that combines a 3D Blu-ray player with a digital amplifier, four tall speakers, a slender centre speaker, and a modestly sized subwoofer.

Connections on the all-in-one console include two HDMI inputs, a digital optical input, stereo phono jacks, and an Ethernet socket. Video outputs comprise HDMI, component and composite video. The unit has both integrated Wi-Fi and an FM/AM tuner.

Also supplied is a microphone, for the auto-calibration system. Alternatively, you can calibrate by ear using distance and level adjustments. 

Intriguingly, the rear speakers are wireless. That's to say, they use an RF receiver to get audio. The supplied SWA-5000 RF receiver plugs into a wall socket at the back of the room, and cables run from that to the floor-standing enclosures. In many homes this will certainly make multi-channel speaker installation much easier. During our tests, the wireless system worked well, never dropping out or adding unwanted noise.

Not really 7.1-channel

The HT-D6750W may be touted as a 7.1-channel system, but only five boxes and a sub are supplied. In a conventional 7.1-channel home-cinema system, the bonus surround-sound pair would be located behind the listening position. Here, two extra channels are fed to independent swivelling drivers on the top of the left and right stereo speakers. Once you activate the system's 'vertical surround' mode, these can bounce their sound off the ceiling or walls.

The swivelling drivers bounce their sound off the ceiling or walls.

As a 5.1-channel all-in-one system, the rig has real charm. While the auto-calibration mode pumps up the rears slightly, the soundstage is Walkers crisp. This is entirely due to the 50Hz 'super tweeter' used in the front left and right speakers. It's a high-quality component that allows the system to outperform more mainstream home-cinema systems.

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