Samsung GX20 review: Samsung GX-20

Typical Price: £708.00

Samsung GX20

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3.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

5 stars 1 user review

The Good The 14 million pixels; rich and vivid results; effective anti-shake.

The Bad Coarse autofocus; poor kit lens; some awkward controls.

The Bottom Line It's hard to understand why anyone who knows a little about camera history would choose a Samsung-branded camera over a Pentax. It wouldn't be so bad if the GX-20 was actually better in some ways than the K20D, but it's actually the other way round. The GX-20 is well-specced but flawed -- solid but crude

7.5 Overall

Samsung and Pentax have a technology partnership which means they develop dSLRs jointly but sell them separately. The Samsung GX-20 -- going for around £700, depending where you look -- is simply the Pentax K20D in another guise, yet there are enough cosmetic and interior differences for it to be judged as a separate camera. But is it actually any better?

Well, for a start, it may be able to save you a few quid. At the time of writing, the GX-20 is cheaper than the K20D, though dSLR pricing is so volatile that things can change quickly. And it is very good value. Sony's Alpha 350 also offers 14-megapixel resolution and is even cheaper, but the Samsung has a build quality and a professional slant that the Sony lacks.

This is no lightweight beginner's camera. The Samsung is solid and weighty, and pretty bulky too. This will suit those who like a camera they can get their fists round. Silicone seals are used to resist the entry of dust and moisture and there are two control dials to make shutter speed and aperture adjustments, among others, that little bit speedier. The GX-20 is aimed at serious photographers, even professionals.

The specs are good, too. They include 11-point autofocus, an anti-dust system and sensor-based anti-shake. Indeed, this Optical Image Stabilisation system (called Shake Reduction on Pentax cameras) appears to be the class of the field, cutting shake consistently well and sometimes at insanely slow shutter speeds. There's even a live view mode, though you have only limited control over the camera while it's activated.

Exposure accuracy is good and the colour rendition is excellent. The images this camera produces are rich and vivid.

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