Samsung Galaxy Player 50 review:

Samsung Galaxy Player 50

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Typical Price: £150.00
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2 stars

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5 stars 1 user review

The Good Android 2.1 is feature-packed; plenty of apps to download; setting up email and social-networking accounts is intuitive and easy.

The Bad Sluggish; touchscreen feels cheap; music player is unmodified and flawed; iPod touch is slicker but not much more expensive.

The Bottom Line The Android-based Samsung Galaxy Player 50 aims to knock Apple's iPod touch off its pedestal, but fails. A number of flaws mean this media player feels rushed and generally unimpressive.

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4.5 Overall

No longer content with firing potshots at Apple's iPhone in the ongoing war of the smart phones, Samsung has chosen to open a new front, taking on the iPod touch media player. Like its rival, Samsung's Galaxy Player does more than just play music.

Running on Android 2.1, it offers all the features of a smart phone but without the call capability. You can buy apps from the Android Market and Samsung's store, use Google's mobile services, and, if you're near a wireless hotspot, browse the Web. As added incentives, the Galaxy Player has a detachable battery and a 2-megapixel camera.

The Galaxy Player is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and Play, with an expected release date of 7 January. The 8GB version costs £150, and the 16GB version costs £180.

Music player palaver

While the Galaxy Player offers a host of features, its primary function is to play music. Despite this, its music player is the least impressive part of the whole package. The device runs the bare-bones version of Android, and Samsung hasn't added any new code or features to improve the music player's interface or functionality. As a result, the music player just isn't very inspiring.

We stuffed as much music as we could onto our 8GB Galaxy Player, and found that there was actually only room for 6GB of music. That left no room for storing photos or videos.

Samsung hasn't tweaked the standard Android music player, so it's nothing to get excited about.

While the sound quality was pretty good, the music player proved incredibly sluggish. We often found ourselves having to wait up to 10 seconds for it to respond to our commands. In fact, navigating the interface as a whole will really try your patience.

Additionally, the player inexplicably failed to recognise our headphones on occasion. The problem occurred when we exited the music player or tried to change artists after a period of inactivity. The player would cut the sound going to the earphones while acting like the song was still playing normally. The problem continued to occur even after we changed the earphones we were using. 

This issue can be easily resolved by unplugging the headphones and plugging them in again. But you shouldn't have to put with this in a device of this price.

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