Samsung BD-D7500 review: Samsung BD-D7500

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3.5 stars Very good

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The Good Slimline design; Smart Hub connectivity; 3D Blu-ray compatibility; Integrated Wi-Fi.

The Bad Limited connection options; Routine CD and DVD playback; File compatibility when streaming from a NAS.

The Bottom Line Bafflingly small, the BD-D7500 pushes high-street Blu-ray design into the highfalutin realm once monopolised by a certain overpriced Danish brand. One to audition if you want a net-connected BD player that's as pretty as a picture.

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There must be a secret R&D division, deep within Samsung HQ, entirely devoted to downsizing technology. Its only mission: to make smaller what it made smaller the day before.

This is the only possible explanation for the Samsung BD-D7500. Hailed as the world's smallest Blu-ray player, it's only marginally larger than a couple of taped-together Blu-ray cases. Yet it manages to pack in an enormous amount of leading edge Blu-ray tech, including 3D, Internet and streaming capability.

The BD-D7500 is available now for around £240.

Tiny and glowing

The BD-D7500 is tiny, measuring 380x158x23 mm. It also sports a large, touch-sensitive control panel and copious glowing, pulsating lights. Dangle one over Nevada and there would be a UFO flap.

The severe size constraints have implications of course. There's no room for rear-ward connections on this deck. Instead you'll find a shallow cavity on the undercarriage which offers HDMI, digital optical audio and AV mini-jack outputs, plus Ethernet.

It's at this point you'll probably need to abandon any heavy-duty HDMI cables you may have planned on using. Only a cheapo flexible HDMI lead is going to fit. There's no room for a component output alternative.

A player for poseurs?

The BD-D7500 isn't designed to be racked conventionally. A little pedestal stand is supplied to prop the player on its side at a jaunty angle. This allows easy access to the slot loading disc mechanism, which is located on one edge (there's a USB slot on the other).

Samsung BD-D7500 has looks that will impress

Also supplied in the box is a wall mounting kit, should you really want to impress the neighbours.

Thankfully, you'll not need to use that USB slot for a Wi-Fi dongle as the player has that built-in. Following the simple-to-use wizard, we had the diddy deck networked in just a few minutes.

Smarter than a ten year old

When it comes to downloadable/streaming content, Samsung's Smart Hub portal is steaming ahead of the rest. Like most wall-garden manufacturers sites, it features a mix of Video on Demand services and miscellaneous apps.

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Samsung BD-D7500

Part Number: BD-D7500
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Quick Specifications See All

  • Network Connection Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Internet Streaming Services Samsung Apps
  • Features Built-in 2D-to-3D conversion processing.
    Slot-loading disc drive
  • Media Type CD-R
  • Type Blu-ray disc player
  • Sound Output Mode stereo
  • Built-in Audio Decoders DTS-HD decoder