Sagem my300C review:

Sagem my300C

Typical Price: £40.00
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2.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Small design; glossy front section.

The Bad Tiny amount of on-board memory; camera isn't very good; screen is tiny.

The Bottom Line Sagem has done a good job of creating a small, cute phone that costs very little. We like its design and it's straightforward to use, but if you're looking for a feature-packed phone, we suggest you look elsewhere

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5.5 Overall

Sagem is synonymous with cheap and cheerful mobile phones that look and feel a little plasticky, to say the least. Fortunately, the French manufacturer has figured out a way to make inexpensive look good in the form of the my300C. It doesn't come packed with features, but it won't leave you embarrassed when you take it out of your pocket.

The my300C is available now on pay as you go in Woolworths and Argos for the reasonable sum of £40.

It may not have a designer label, but the my300C is worthy of a fashionista's pocket. The glossy front section adds an aesthetic quality you'd expect from a higher-end model. There's a discreet flashing blue light that tells you whether the phone is on and indicates incoming calls or messages.

The my300C's keypad is small but well laid out and easy to press

Open it up and there's a small colour screen that's not great for viewing photos or videos, but it serves its purpose when composing text messages. The my300C's keypad is small but well laid out and easy to press. Each key gives enough tactile feedback to press comfortably and texting is straightforward.

One of its best qualities is its small size, which made carrying it around in a pocket or a bag very easy. The advantage of it being a clamshell phone is that it won't answer or make a call by mistake, which is great if you carry it in a jam-packed bag.

For £40 you can't expect much and you don't get much. The my300C has a very modest feature set that includes a VGA (0.3-megapixel) camera, a WAP browser, and Java games. It's only dual-band so it won't work in certain countries and there's only 3MB of on-board memory, with no option to expand.

It might not be the height of technology, but it's perfectly fine for the basics. If all you care about is making calls and sending text messages then it's great -- just don't expect it to browse the Web properly or play music.

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