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The Good Price; The Lounge service; easy set-up; simplified menus.

The Bad Speaker needs more bass.

The Bottom Line Light, inexpensive and highly versatile, the PURE One Flow is the perfect choice for budget shoppers. The price more than makes up for any shortcomings, making this the benchmark with which all affordable rivals will be compared.

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Not content with dominating the upper end of the Internet radio market with its Sensia and Avanti Flow models, PURE has turned its attention to the cash-strapped consumer. The PURE One Flow, available for around £89, is a DAB, FM and streaming device that, while clearly more cheaply made, shares much of the magic of its grown-up siblings.

Extremely light

The One Flow's design is well thought-out. The aerial is sunk into a channel on the top of the case, so it's out of the way when not in use, while the combination of a slightly countersunk speaker and a groove on the back of the rubber-skinned case take the place of a physical handle. It's extremely light without the optional battery pack, but it doesn't feel cheap. The power button and controls below the backlit LCD display have a firm action, while the volume and select knobs have a subtle ratchet that stops you scrolling past what you need. The only thing that lets it down slightly is the bass response, which feels a touch light.

The PURE One Flow is easy to set up

Set-up is a breeze, with the One Flow scanning for available DAB stations the first time you turn it on and, when you switch to Wi-Fi, saving your network password and negotiating an IP address with your DHCP server. As well as streaming, it uses this wireless connection to download firmware updates -- something it did the first time we switched it on.

Listening online

Online stations are organised through PURE's Lounge service. Set up a free account and register your radio at thelounge.com, and it'll synchronise your favourite stations across multiple radios. These, and PURE's own ambient background channels PURE Sounds, are additionally available through your browser, and indeed in many cases this is a better medium through which to keep them in order as it saves you scrolling and clicking through your radio's menus.

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