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PURE Digital Siesta

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3.5 stars

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1.5 stars 2 user reviews

The Good Affordable; low power consumption; decent sound; good DAB reception; simple display.

The Bad Alarm setup takes some practice; only single speaker driver.

The Bottom Line A lovely little DAB radio alarm clock. Not the single most stylish radio we've ever seen but performs well and is priced perfectly. If you demand audio quality you should check out a model with two speakers, but most casual alarm clock users will find the Siesta delightful.

7.5 Overall

With the world going crazy for eco-friendliness and worried about carbon footwotsits, it came as no surprise when PURE Digital dropped an uber-Earth-friendly DAB radio into our laps. The Siesta prides itself on having a 1W power consumption when in standby (the average for portables like this is 10W).

The Siesta will set you back £49 and has the usual DAB functions we expect from PURE Digital's labs. Plus you'll have the piece of mind of knowing the system comes with minimal packaging, should you care.

While bass and fidelity are lacking from the single speaker driver, overall sound quality is clear and sharp. It's a nice enough bedside radio with excellent reception to boot. It's also a doddle to set up. You'll be ready to go within a minute. The auto-tune kicks things off on its first start-up, meaning no messing around with configurations.

A simple LCD screen is backlit by a dim blue glow, and surprise, surprise -- there are also some big numbers that tell the time. Although there's an FM radio, DAB's where you'll want to spend the most of your time. When listening to a DAB broadcast, station and song info sits on a couple of lines below the clock. You've got the option of setting three alarms, each of which have a range of recurrence options. There's also a snooze timer with a top snooze time of 60 minutes.

Should PURE Digital release an update to the ever-important firmware of an alarm clock, a USB socket built into the base of the system will let you import it. On the top is an all-important headphone socket if the honourable spouse lies in disagreement with the content of the radio station.

While most of PURE Digital's products exhibit nothing short of terminal ruggedness, the Siesta feels distinctly weedy. It's sturdy, though, and will resist snooze button-related morning batterings. Also a little unsatisfying is the painfully cyclic method of setting alarms -- until you get used to it, alarms can be distinctly confusing to set.

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