Pomodoro Timer review: Great for productivity, but only if you apply yourself

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3.5 stars Very good
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The Good Pomodoro Timer is an easy to use timer app that helps break up your workday into work sessions and short breaks. The short breaks keep your mind and body fresh.

The Bad The user-interface on first launch is confusing. There is no iPad version.

The Bottom Line Pomodoro Timer is great for people who want to be more productive, making it easy to work in bite-sized chunks, but you'll need to commit to the concept.

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Pomodoro Timer is a timer app for the iPhone that uses the Pomodoro Technique, a concept designed to help eliminate procrastination. The basic idea behind the technique is to break up your work day into periods of time where you focus strictly on work, followed by short breaks. The typical cadence is broken up into 25 minutes of work, followed by a break of 5 minutes. You can adjust the timer to better suit your work habits, but it's even more important to apply yourself to the concept if you want to have success.

Learning curve
Initially the interface is very confusing. The first time you launch the app you're immediately given a screen with a timer already set to 25-minutes and placeholder circles along the bottom.

When looking at the placeholders along the bottom I assumed they represented different timers, so I tapped on one of them. Nothing happened. I tapped on another, and still nothing happened. This confusion was further amplified by the title of "Pomodoro #1" along the top of the screen.

With this being my first exposure to the Pomodoro Technique, I didn't realize each work session is called a Pomodoro. The circles are the app's way of helping you keep track of the number of sessions you complete in a day. The text at the top of the screen indicates which Pomodoro you're currently on.

Then there's the lines below the timer. The lines, which are reminiscent of the lines found on egg timers, represent one minute intervals. When trying to adjust the length of either a break or work session, it would make sense that the user can touch and drag the lines in either direction to increase or decrease the timer. Instead, the lines are simply aesthetic; they provide no function. In fact, you can't adjust the timer on the main screen at all. For that, you need to visit the settings section of the app.

As much as I hate to say it, this is one app where a brief tutorial would have actually helped.

In the settings are options to adjust the length of a Pomodoro. Both the work and break timers are set independent of one another. So if you prefer to work in stretches of time longer than 25-minutes, you can increase the Pomodoro all the way up to an hour. Break times can be set to as little as a minute, or as much as an hour.

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