Piano Tiles review: A simple game that's tough to put down

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Piano Tiles (iOS)

(Part #: id848160327)
4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Piano Tiles has simple controls, a charming soundtrack, and incredibly addictive gameplay.

The Bad The piano sounds can be distracting while playing.

The Bottom Line Piano Tiles is the perfect mix of simplicity and addictive gameplay that's easy to learn, but incredibly challenging to get high scores.

8.3 Overall
  • Installation and Setup 8.0
  • Features and Support 8.0
  • Interface 8.0
  • Performance 9.0

Piano Tiles (iOS) or Don't Tap the White Tile (Android) are different names for the same game on the two major smartphone platforms. Having different names for the same app is a bit confusing, especially for a such a simple, but incredibly addictive touch game that requires lightning fast reflexes.

Piano Tiles is another runaway hit in the vein of popular games like Flappy Bird in that it came out a little while ago, but suddenly shot to the top of the App Store charts. After a couple of rounds, I quickly saw why, because it's so easy to learn, but getting high scores becomes something of a mini-obsession.

Same formula, different game modes

The basic concept behind Piano Tiles is simple. A grid with white and black tiles scrolls down your screen and your job is to touch all of the black tiles without making mistakes. As you hit tiles, you can here piano keys playing along with the action. It sounds easy, but with game modes that have you racing against the clock, and others that see how many tiles you can touch as they come at you faster an faster, it quickly grabs your attention.

The game comes with five different game modes including Classic, which challenges you to tap 50 black tiles in the shortest time possible. Arcade mode has you touching an endless onslaught of tiles that increase in speed the higher you get. Zen mode tests how many you can touch in 30 seconds. Rush challenges you to see how many you can tap per second. Finally, Relay has you tapping a minimum of fifty tiles in under ten seconds only to reset the clock so you can get another fifty.

All of the game modes have their own unique charm, but it's the solid gameplay concept that makes them so much fun.

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