Philips SHE9850 review:

Philips SHE9850 sound-isolating earphones

Typical Price: £80.00
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4 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good General sound quality; warm tone; great comfort; good sound isolation; snug and secure; suitable for gym use.

The Bad Lack of deep bass; less inspiring treble performance.

The Bottom Line An excellent all-rounder, with good detail, a balanced, warm sound and superb comfort and fit. Deeper bass and brighter treble exists in competing models, but for almost all genres of music and in most listening environments, the SHE9850s will impress and for a good price

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8.3 Overall

Philips has extended its hand to a higher-end earphone that promises extreme comfort and accurate audio reproduction. For around £80 , the SHE9850s are shouting in the same arena as Denon, Shure and Etymotic -- manufacturers whose names are ubiquitous with high performance earphones.

Compact, ergonomic enclosures meant that the SHE9850s provided instant and exceptional comfort. In fact, they're among the most comfortable we've worn -- not to mention discreet -- with a range of differently sized silicon and foam tips. Gym-goers will enjoy their lightweight construction too, and with a good seal between the tip and ear canal, they're perfectly suited to use on the jog.

These tips do a great job of isolating sound, making the commute or the office a more enjoyable place to listen to music by blocking out the noises from air conditioners, constant coughers and the sound of wind rushing past windows.

The whole package, along with the excellent, less tangle-prone cabling and an earwax remover, can be packed away in a stylish aluminium case, if you're so inclined.

Most important, however, is sound quality. Generally, the particularly loud SHE9850s offer a decent, detailed sound with emphasis on upper bass, mids and the lower high-end. This gives most music a warm tone, with no harshness or shrill qualities surrounding cymbals and other treble frequencies, similar to Sennheiser's CX 95s.

Ingrid Michaelson's voice throughout her stunning album Girls and Boys had great depth and warm body, and the smooth guitars and piano tracks that surround it were delivered impressively.

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