Philips Econova 6000 (42PFL6805H) review: Philips Econova 6000 (42PFL6805H)

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CNET Editors' Rating

4 stars Excellent
Pricing Unavailable

The Good Low power consumption;. Good black levels;. Rich colours;. Smooth motion;. Beautiful design.

The Bad No Internet features;. No HD tuner;. SD pictures can look a little rough around the edges;. Pricey.

The Bottom Line The 42-inch Philips Econovo 42PFL6805H is very expensive and lacks some important features, but it is also kinder to the environment than most TVs, looks great and has very good picture quality.

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Philips reckons the Econova 42PFL6805H is the most eco-friendly set currently available, but being kind to the environment will cost you -- this TV is priced at £1,200, which is quite steep for a 42-incher.

Green screen 

The TV shows its green credentials in a number of key ways. Its packaging doesn't use any polystyrene or plastic. Instead, the TV is packed up in the box using recycled cardboard spacers and even the extras, like the remote, are provided in small paper bags.

Perhaps more importantly, the TV's chassis and stand are made from recycled aluminium. LED backlighting is now common on high-end sets, but the backlighting used here is able to bring the power consumption down to as low as 40W when running in eco mode -- almost half that of many of its competitors. Even the remote has had the once-over -- it has a solar panel on the bottom, so if you rest it on a table upside down it'll gradually recharge itself.

Flip the remote control upside down when it's not in use and the solar panel will gradually recharge the battery.

If you think recycled aluminium doesn't sound like a recipe for an attractive telly, be prepared to be surprised, because this really is a great-looking set. The chassis is made from a single aluminium plate, and the brushed effect looks very classy. It's supremely slim, too, measuring a mere 43mm deep. Cleverly, the stand can also be removed and reattached vertically to the rear of the set to act as a wall mount, saving further waste.

Little compromises 

Philips hasn't compromised when it comes to the range of ports on offer, either. The Econova boasts a full complement of four HDMI sockets, a set of component inputs, two Scart sockets and VGA input. There's also a USB port that you can use for playing back digital pictures, MP3 music files and videos in DivX and MKV formats.

Philips has some of the best picture-processing technology around. Although this TV makes do with the Pixel Precise HD engine, rather than the more advanced Perfect Pixel HD found on the company's 9000-series TVs, it does pack in HD Natural Motion alongside 100Hz processing.

Natural picture 

The set is at its best when dealing with high-definition sources. Watching BBC HD via a Sky HD box or movies such as Wolverine on Blu-ray, the set delivered impressively rich and vibrant colours, and pretty deep black levels, too. Sharpness is also impressive and motion looks very smooth, although you have to be careful with the HD Natural Motion settings if you don't want movies to take on a flatter, camcorder look.

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