Philips Cineos 52PFL9632D review: Philips Cineos 52PFL9632D

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Philips Cineos 52PFL9632D

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4.5 stars

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The Good Excellent motion handling and black levels; hi-def connectivity.

The Bad No PC input; 4:3 material often has to be stretched out.

The Bottom Line If big, beautiful hi-def pictures are what you're after, this 52-incher delivers the goods. Bold but realistic colours, strong black levels and the smoothest motion we've seen on an LCD, married with good connectivity and design, make this one of the finest big screen flat panels around

8.8 Overall

Philips' Aurea TV may be grabbing the headlines and plaudits, but in its own way, this 52-inch Philips Cineos 52PFL9632D model is every bit as impressive.

Like the Aurea, it's a full 1,920x1,080-pixel screen with the full power of Philips' Perfect Pixel HD Engine image processing system behind it -- but with a bigger screen, and for about £500 less. Of course, you only get regular two-lamp Ambilight rather than Aurea's 42-lamp kaleidoscope effect.

Connectivity is right up there with the best big screens, with three HDMIs (all the latest v1.3 spec) and a component video socket allowing you to hook up as many as four hi-def sources simultaneously. You even get a USB socket on the side for viewing photos and listening to MP3 music. The only disappointment is the lack of a PC input. Philips expects you to use one of the HDMIs for this purpose.

The 52PFL9632D comes with an infrared remote

Picture quality is more impressive. The 'Full HD' resolution means that every pixel of HD DVD and Blu-ray movies is on display and the wealth of image processing modes present in the Perfect Pixel HD Engine means that hi-def material looks glorious.

Take an episode of The Tudors on BBC HD, for example: as Henry VIII experiences a gloomy nightmare, the dark rooms of his castle demonstrate the screen's aptitude for strong, deep blacks, while the king's frightened face remains bright, detailed and free from noise.

Faster-paced horse-riding scenes show off the Philips' excellent motion handling and response time, with moving object edges looking unusually sharp for an LCD and backgrounds flying by with almost no sign of judder. There is the odd noticeable side-effect to this 100Hz processing -- a slight shimmering around the edges of some objects -- but on the whole it's the most effective we've seen.

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