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Panasonic Lumix DMC-S3

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Typical Price: £100.00
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4 stars

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The Good Small and light; good value; easy to use; 14.1-megapixel resolution.

The Bad Average low-light performance; slightly cheap build quality; video quality could be better.

The Bottom Line The Panasonic Lumix DMC-S3 is by no means perfect, but it's still head and shoulders above most other budget compact cameras. It's also very light, and refreshingly easy to operate.

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8.3 Overall

Weighing barely more than 100g and costing around £100, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-S3 is light on the pocket in more ways than one. It also captures 14.1-megapixel shots and 720p high-definition videos. But is it actually any good?

Child's play

With its rounded edges and lightweight plastic casing, the S3 feels more like a toy than a serious piece of photographic kit. That's particularly true if you opt for one of the more colourful incarnations on offer, such as the pink, purple, red or white models.

Not everyone wants to look like they're carrying around one of David Bailey's cast-offs, though, so the S3's friendly design is likely to win it plenty of fans -- not least because it makes the device so light.

In good light, the S3's image quality -- for the price -- is pretty good. Rich colours and oodles of detail are tempered slightly by some very minor defects (click image to enlarge).

Despite its cheery demeanour, the S3 packs some serious technology under its plasticky shell. Sadly, this doesn't include a Leica lens -- Panasonic clearly saves these for its more grown-up models. The Lumix DC Vario lens is decent enough, though, with 4x optical magnification giving a 35mm-equivalent focal range of 28mm to 112mm.

Even more impressive is the image sensor, which can produce pictures of up to 4,320x3,240 pixels. That's more than some cameras twice this price are capable of. High resolutions extend to the camera's video capabilities, with 720p HD movie capture. Some cameras are edging into the 1080p area, but to have any kind of HD recording capability on a device this small and cheap is pretty impressive.

The camera's 'intelligent auto' mode combines optical image stabilisation with face detection, intelligent ISO control and intelligent scene-selection features. If that isn't enough intelligence for you, the 2.7-inch monitor on the rear is also described by Panasonic as an 'intelligent' LCD screen. We can't for the life of us work out why, though. Apart from showing low-res (230,000-pixel) versions of your subjects and shots, it's not particularly clever in the slightest. Touch controls are completely absent, so you have to rely on buttons to navigate menus and the like.

Take control

Thankfully, the S3 is very straightforward to operate. A mode button allows you to select from four different types of operation: normal, intelligent auto, scene and movie. The menu/select button brings up a fairly standard selection of options. Navigation is carried out via a familiar directional pad, with the delete button doubling up as a 'back' button. Our one small gripe is that the zoom rocker is placed on the rear of the device, rather than on the top, which we find more convenient.

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