Olympus mju Tough-6010 review:

Olympus mju Tough-6010

Typical Price: £210.00
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3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Smart and chunky styling; 3.8x wideangle zoom range.

The Bad Lens becomes hazy towards the edges; heavy noise reduction and smoothing; over-complicated EV compensation.

The Bottom Line Most underwater compacts have to use internal 'folded' lenses, so it's unwise to expect stellar image quality. Even so, the Olympus mju Tough-6010's pictures are rather disappointing. It's still a stylish and relatively cheap go-anywhere camera, though

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6.5 Overall

The Olympus mju Tough-6010 looks like a pretty minor upgrade of the older mju Tough-6000. At around £210, it's also one of the least expensive waterproof cameras around. But is it worth it?

Well 'ard
The main difference between the Tough-6000 and Tough-6010 seems to be the switch from a 10-megapixel sensor to a 12-megapixel one, plus the addition of a small selection of 'magic filters', to create 'pop art', 'pin hole', 'sketch' and (appropriately enough) 'fish eye' effects. Otherwise, you get the same combination of smart and chunky styling, a choice of bright colours and a handy 3.6x wideangle optical zoom.

This test shot shows good, strong colours and not much distortion. The lens gets hazy towards the edges, though, and there's a big drop in quality past ISO 400 (click image to enlarge)

Waterproofing is measured as a depth rating. Pressure increases with depth, so the deeper the camera can go, the better. The Tough-6010 goes down to 3m, which should be alright for casual snorkelling, but not wreck diving. For anything deeper, you'll need to look at the mju Tough-8000, which can go down to 10m, or a dedicated underwater camera or housing system. The Tough-6010 will prove rather slippery underwater, so you'd be well-advised to use the wrist strap or a neck cord.

The Tough-6010's resistance to water isn't its only strength. It's shockproof from a height of 1.5m and freezeproof to -10C°. Clearly, you're not going to drop the camera on purpose, but it's reassuring to know that you don't have to wrap it in cotton wool.

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